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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] use new pod code in threaded, get SINGLE_LISTEN_UNS_ACC to work
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 18:52:27 GMT
Jeff Trawick <> writes:

> The next thing I need to do is to add APR_HAS_THREADS tweaks to the
> pod support to avoid checking the pod more than once in a given
> process once some thread in the process finds out that it should die.
> For this we need to set up an intra-process mutex in each server
> process.  ap_mpm_pod_child_open() may be necessary to do that step.  I
> don't know how cool it is to inherit a mutex from the parent.

no, I don't think so anymore :)

Because we have to connect() to the server enough times to wake up
each thread (ap_daemons_limit * ap_threads_per_child for the threaded
MPM), we will end up writing that many '!' characters anyway so there
is no harm in more than one thread in a process consuming a char from
the pod.  There are plenty to go around.

The old pod support unique to threaded only wrote to the pod once per
process so it had to ensure that no more than one thread per process
would consume a character.

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