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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: plz vote on tagging current CVS as APACHE_2_0_19
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 19:33:48 GMT writes:

> I will finish my code.  My design should take under 100 lines of changes,
> and requires no linked lists in shared memory.  I have reviewed the design
> that Paul has detailed, and I disagree that it is correct.  It will
> require locking anytime somebody wants to walk the scoreboard, which means
> that potentially the scoreboard will be run once a request.  Think
> mod_status and/or mod_snmp.

It is hard to believe that there would be so many mod_status requests,
but maybe MPMs want to use scoreboard data to help manage things.  I

Whatever the reason, switching from a single global lock to a single
global read/write lock will help this scenario (constant scoreboard
reading) quite a bit.

If it turns out that processes/threads are coming/going constantly,
then something more complicated may be needed to make the scoreboard
go fast, but I think it can be hidden in a few routines which help
access the scoreboard.

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