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From <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Add back -X functionality
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:57:03 GMT

> > As I said when this was originally discussed, I really dislike this.  -X
> > is the exact same as -DONE_PROCESS.  We now have two ways to get into the
> > same state.  Yuck!  We made a conscious decision to go with -DONE_PROCESS,
> > the original goal being to move towards environment variables instead of
> > command line arguments.  The !! was there by the way, because it solved a
> > lot of bugs on many platforms.
> No, I don't see -X as the same as -DONE_PROCESS.  -X says, "Whatever
> you have to do across the entire system to achieve a debug state, do
> it."  -DONE_PROCESS says, "Tell your MPM to only have one process."
> Very different things.  I think ONE_PROCESS has too narrow of a scope.

These are not two different things until you show me an MPM that does
two different things when it sees -X and -DONE_PROCESS.  Until that time,
saying that -X and -DONE_PROCESS are different is just hand-waving.

> Yes, they *might* achieve the same result, but that isn't a big deal
> (IMHO).  What if a module wants to achieve some type of internal
> debugging check or special behavior at run-time (plausible?), it can
> check for the existance of the DEBUG directive?  Checking ONE_PROCESS
> in a module doesn't make any semantic sense.

I just took an even closer look at the patch based on this comment.  Yuck!
Why are we having a command line option push a value onto our array of
command line definitions?

The name ONE_PROCESS may be wrong, but it has been like that since the
very beginning of Apache 2.0 development.  It has been documented that
this is the way to start the server in the old -X mode.  Yes, maybe -X
should issue a warning, maybe we should change the name of the definition.
In the end, I just don't want to have this conversation for the fourth or
fifth time.

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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