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From <>
Subject Re: -DONE_PROCSS / debugging?
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 21:22:44 GMT

> > > See httpd-2.0/.gdbinit in the CVS repository - the "ro" macro does this.
> > >
> > > FWIW, I'll probably submit a patch soonish to restore the -X
> > > functionality.  -- justin
> >
> > Please don't.  We specifically removed that option.  The goal is to using
> > definitions for more stuff.  Please review Dean's posts on this topic over
> > the last few years for the reasoning.
> I don't think so.  Dean wanted to make it possible for command-line options
> to be specific to each MPM.  I think that is a mistake.  I think that -X

It is already possible for command-line options to be MPM specific.  This
is a requirement for Windows.

> should enable a single-worker debuggable server regardless of the MPM.
> That isn't the same as -DONE_PROCESS.
> I consider the current lack of -X to be a bug.

That's great, but -X was removed in favor of -DONE_PROCESS, which executes
the exact same logic that -X used to implement.  We had this discussion
about changing -X for -DONE_PROCESS a while ago, and the decision was to
keep -X out, and stick with -DONE_PROCESS.

I am willing to go either way, but either we use -DONE_PROCESS, or we use
-X.  Having two ways to implement the same feature is, however, is a
non-starter in my mind.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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