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From "Jeffrey A. Stuart" <>
Subject RE: Apache 2.0 final ?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 20:26:31 GMT
Ok. Let me ask a stupid question.  Would you recommend 2.0.16 for a production
web server?  My other problem (which is DEFINITELY not apache's fault! :)) is
I have to wait for mod_perl 2.0 and PHP 4 to "officially" work with apache
2.0.  (yes, I know that PHP 4 has an apache 2.0 module but... :))  So that
kinda ties into the API stability.  I've been playing around with apache 2.0
and mod_perl 2.0 for a little while now off and on (IE when I have some spare
time) in a test environment and it's been interesting.  So far, I've gotten it
to compile, and got a phpinfo() to work so that's a GOOD thing. :D

Jeff Stuart

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Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: Apache 2.0 final ?

"Jeffrey A. Stuart" wrote:
> Ok, I've emailed this a couple of times and I'm gonna say it once again. :)
> We NEED Apache 2.0 out ASAP.  We needed Apache 2.0 out in January.  We
> a beta back last year at the end of September or October whenever the UK
> ApacheCon was.  I can't stress this enough.  Apache is starting to fall
> technologically.  I have a friend of mine who had to switch from Apache to
> Zeus cause Apache couldn't handle the load.  He was only able to get a max
> throughput of 12 Mb/s out of Apache and he PERSONALLY was able to get 40
> out of Zeus.  AND he told me that he's heard of people doing 80 Mb/s through
> Zeus.
> We NEED Apache 2.0. :)  I think the multi proc/multi threaded model will
> really give some oomph to the server.  Combine that soon with mod_perl 2.0
> some other technologies out there and we can compete with Zeus and some of
> other web servers in high load applications.

I hear you loud and clear, Jeff.  Why don't you give the 2_0_16 beta
tarball a shot?  It's really in pretty good shape.  That's what we have
running on, with a couple of debug patches added.

Sunday I'm leaving for the British Virgin Islands to bring a sailboat
back to Destin, FL :) .  But for the rest of the week and after I get
back (we're figuring 10-14 days) I'll be happy to work with you on
getting 2.0 running.  There are plenty of other folks on this list who
will pitch in and help you as well.


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