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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject r->mtime empty?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:07:21 GMT
hi all...

  I've been trying to figure out the reason for leaving r->mtime empty for
after the request is parsed.  from what I can tell, the only place that sets
r->mtime is the single call to ap_update_mtime in default_handler().  if
r->mtime is meant to hold the modification time of the requested resource,
shouldn't it be populated when the resource is identified?

  I'm asking because I don't really see why I have to call ap_update_mtime
before calling ap_set_last_modified (well, I'm actually talking about
mod_perl, but it just calls the ap_* routines).

  by my way of thinking, if a request maps to /perl-bin/ then r->mtime
ought to have the modification time of, even if it is being handled
by something other than the default handler.  If generates dynamic
content and wants to fiddle with its own mtime, it can.  otherwise, if it
delivers script driven but "static" content then the mtime of the script
ought to suffice and I can call $r->set_last_modified() by itself and save
an additional method call.

  I was looking through the old archives when Ken Coar originally added
these methods and field in the request_rec it seems that it may have just
been an oversight rather than intentional to leave r->mtime blank.

  anyway, it's not to much of a big deal, but I would appreciate any history
behind this if I'm missing something and someone has a moment - even if the
api change is rejected. simple patch attached


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