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From Stipe Tolj <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] 1.3: htdocs/manual/cygwin.html and references to it
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:37:34 GMT
> Stipe, before I commit this, can you comment on this bit...
> apache_1.3.20/htdocs/manual/new_features_1_3.html.en Thu Dec 14 15:20:42 2000
> +++ apache_1.3.20-cygwin/htdocs/manual/new_features_1_3.html.en Tue Jun 26 08:10:56 2001
> @@ -47,6 +47,11 @@
>  remains experimental. All versions of Apache running on Windows prior to 1.3.15
>  should be considered beta quality releases.
> +Support for Cygwin
> +Apache now supports the Cygwin platform for the Windows NT and Windows 2000
> +operating systems. The Cygwin versions should be consideres as stable
> +and reliable as the Windows native counterpart.
> +
>  Support for NetWare 5.x
>  Apache now experimentally supports the NetWare 5.x operating systems.
> Are the canonical file names and aliasing fully addressed, or is there a possibility
> of a user asking for /manyfi~1/ rather than /manyfiles/ to circumvent any <Directory
> restrictions?

your are right, it is possible to circumvent security settings using that mechanism, shame
on me!!

The problem arises from Cygwin 1.x environment itself, and it seems as if I have missed that
in the NT specific sections of the source code, due to the fact that I thought only the Unix
sources would matter.

I have posted a bug report and will fix this ASAP. Have you any suggestions where to look
for, so I speed up the fix?!

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