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From Brian Pane <>
Subject directory_walk performance
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 21:03:46 GMT
More fun with gprof...
directory_walk is one of the bigger consumers of user-mode CPU time in
the current 2.0 httpd source, due largely to its calls to 

For a typical configuration that has one <Directory> config for '/' and 
another for
the document root path, it looks like all requests for real files will 
follow the
same pattern:
  * Initialize per_dir_defaults to be the default_lookups for the vhost 
     the request
  * Merge the configs for '/'
  * Merge the configs for the document root path

I.e., the same merge of the / and /document/root configs is happening on 

Assuming that this configuration style (with a <Directory> block for the
document root path) is indeed common, would it be feasible to precompute
the merge of the '/' configs with the /document/root configs after 
to support optimized handling of this case in directory_walk?  In the 
I'm thinking of, the logic in directory_walk would look something like:
    if (path begins with sconf->ap_document_root) {
          per_dir_defaults = precomputed merged configs for document root;
          scan the rest of the path (after the docroot prefix) for 
possible additional dir matches;
    else {
        use the current algorithm;

Would that sort of optimization make sense, or is it too special-purpose 
(or too
incorrect, even) to be generally useful?


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