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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0 final ?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 21:25:03 GMT
"Jeffrey A. Stuart" wrote:
> Ok. Let me ask a stupid question.  Would you recommend 2.0.16 for a production
> web server?  

It's not stupid.  Yes I would recommend 2_0_16 for a production web
server.  Here's how I'd do it:

* push up MaxRequestsPerChild as high as you can on 1.3, keeping an eye
on memory.  

* bring up 2.0 with the prefork mpm, first in a test environment, then
in production during a time when the load is relatively light, then all
the time.

* once you're happy with that, try the threaded mpm (assuming you're not
on FreeBSD) with only a handful of threads per process.    This is where
it's important to have MaxRequestsPerChild high.  Once again, try it in
test first, then in production when the load is light.

* once this looks good, start pushing up the number of threads per

If you have a way to beat up a new web server by running a test workload
that's the same as your production workload, that's a big help.  I've
shaken out a number of bugs on that way, running the new
server on port 8092.  Don't forget to use different log files for your
test environment.

> My other problem (which is DEFINITELY not apache's fault! :)) is
> I have to wait for mod_perl 2.0 and PHP 4 to "officially" work with apache
> 2.0.  

Sorry, I can't help here.  But other folks on this list know what's up
with mod_perl and PHP.


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