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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: mod_include setaside problem.
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 17:58:23 GMT wrote:
> Can sombody post an SSI file that is having a problem with seg faults/no
> output wihtout Greg Ames' patch?  I have removed the patch from my system,
> and I can't reproduce the error.  I believe the reason I can't reproduce
> it, is that Jeff Trawick fixed the underlying problem earlier, namely that
> the content-length filter was being installed on sub-requests.

I get them with Jeff's patch AFAIK.  Without mine, the apr_mmap_t is
still created in the subrequest's pool.  We choke at the end of request
processing when core_output_filter is ready to write to the network, and
tries to read() from the MMAP bucket.  

I'm doing an autoindex of something that resembles , with a config that is pretty close to's config.  Having the HEADER.html and README.html (header and
trailer) present in the directory seems to be key.  Make sure they are
small enough so we don't just put them on the wire right away.

> I have the setaside function written for file and MMAP buckets, but I
> can't test them, because I can't make the code fail.  :-(

Coool!  If you can't get it to fail soon on your own, send me your patch
and I'll test it.


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