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From "Sapan Bhatia" <>
Subject -DONE_PROCSS / debugging?
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 13:43:51 GMT

	I'm trying to trace through the complete course of an http request being intercepted and
handled in Apache 2.0.16... but unfortunately, even doing a run -DONE_PROCESS doesn't seem
to work. I've compiled everything with a -g flag, and before calling run in gdb, set a breakpoint
in ap_process_request (in http_request.c). I've even tried an rbreak *, but it doesn't work...

	httpd just seems to stall (since the browser doesn't get any response either).

	Also, in addition to this, I'd like to trace through all the functions that actually apply
the handlers and filters on the incoming request... i.e., to get an overview of the basic
piping architecture... where would I have to break in in that case? I guess it should become
clear from the stack once I've broken in at ap_process_request, but if anybody has any suggestions...


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