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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mgmt_get_vars hook
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2001 00:59:38 GMT
On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 03:32:22PM -0700, Ian Holsman wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: William A. Rowe, Jr. []
> > data, and that will not be heavily string intensive, so we 
> > won't laden the server
> > with unnecessary cpu.  Yes?
> I was thinking that there would be a 'description' and a 'module' field with 
> each number which would describe what the value represents.
> the '' key would have a description 'The Total # of requests
served since
> apache was started' and a module 'scoreboard'. which would be apr_pstrdup'ed in.

There is absolutely no need to strdup those strings. They are constant
strings that survive forever. It is silly to copy them to the heap. Just

    item = apr_pcalloc(p, sizeof(*item));
    item->description = "Combat boot size";
    item->name = "mom.feet.boot-size";

Just make sure to change the description/module to "const char *", and you
should be set. The string value (in the union type) should be const-ified,

I would also recommend changing "module" to "name". Each item can specify
its name, rather than just the defining module. (and if we use a dotted name
as the precedent, then "module" can also be extracted)


Greg Stein,

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