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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: XMLvL, apache, apr, mod_virgule origins: advice needed [LONG]
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 09:14:58 GMT
On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 04:28:43PM +0200, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> it doesn't use apache authentication, in fact there's a whole
> boat-load of stuff it can't use.  it provides its own
> authentication, from cookies stored in xml-based
> user-profile files.

Side question: why don't you write mod_auth_FOO to authenticate against
those files? Then you wouldn't need to bother with authentication in xvl.
Users could also swap in/out their own authentication as they desired. Or,
of course, use the default mod_auth_FOO mechanism.

> problem statement
> -----------------
> in other words, xvl is _the_ perfect candidate
> for significant integration / use of the apache
> codebase, but the boundaries for doing such
> radically different code generation - ala
> mod_php, mod_snake, mod_xvl etc. - are not
> clearly delineated or documented.
> in order to progress xvl, i need to be able
> to leverage the HTTP decoding and ap_xxx
> codebase - without all the trappings, bells
> and whistles of a fully-blown httpd
> installation, if users don't want one, and
> _also_ seamless integration into an existing
> httpd installation, if they do.
> i really want my cgi-bin capabilities back!
> i want to be able to run sendmail from xvl
> scripts!
> i want my cake _and_ a knife, plate and spoon
> _and_ the time to eat it at leisure [the cake].
> please.
> :)
> so.  any suggestions?  what components already
> exist?

Well, you obviously have an entire httpd server to grab code from. But in
terms of isolated components? Nothing beyond APR and APRUTIL.

> i'm using a brain-dead installation
> of mandrake 7.0 with glibc 2.2 (so i get
> error, cannot find symbol dl_init_next@@GLIBC_2_0
> whenever i compile a shared library with -ldl,
> that includes libxml2, apr, pretty much damn
> well everything: anyone any clues?  i'm
> installing a lot of RPMs recently to overcome
> this, _when_ they're available...)

Hmm. No clue on that link error. Never seen it. Of course, I have glibc 2.1
on my box. Have you tried dropping the -ldl? Maybe 2.2 includes that

> xvl uses the ap_pool code, the table code,
> list code, ap_psprintf, i need to exec
> / spawn programs, ideally i also need a
> portable version of unix-domain-sockets, which
> i understand doesn't exist in APR, yet.

APR does Unix domain sockets. We use them in mod_cgid.c.

APRUTIL also locates Expat on the system for you, or builds its bundled copy
of Expat. You could drop your libxml2 dependency. Even better, there has
been a call for a SAX-like API in APRUTIL, backed by Expat, libxml, or
Xerces. If you're motivated, you could implement that API for APRUTIL :-)

For exec/spawn of programs, take a look at the mod_cgi(d) code. There is
also the "other child" features of APR.


Greg Stein,

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