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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject file/mmap buckets, subrequests, pools, 2.0.18
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 17:09:03 GMT
Greg Ames put together a 2.0.18 build for the purposes of running on but we were never able to switch over to it from 2.0.16
because of a hard failure with certain types of requests.

The problem, trying to simplify a bit:

In a subrequest, default_handler opens a file using the pool
associated with the subrequest and creates a file bucket.

After the subrequest is over, we still have the file bucket with the
apr_file_t that had the now-destroyed pool.  Any references to the
apr_file_t are broken because the pool was destroyed.

We finally died back in the main request processing because we
referenced an mmap bucket whose apr_mmap_t used the same pool as the
apr_file_t.  The apr_mmap_t had been overlaid because the storage was
released at the end of the main request and subsequently reused for
some other purpose.

We have never hit this problem with 2.0.16 and we always hit this
problem with 2.0.18, leading me to believe that the problem was
affected by recent code changes, even though it seems to be a basic
design issue.

Any ideas about what recent changes might have introduced or exposed
this problem?
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