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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Rant [1 of 2]: apache-1.3/htdocs
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 19:40:30 GMT
Ok, I've thought this upside down and inside out.

First, anyone with an old checkout is already broken by the httpd-docs-1.3 split,
so that's a dead issue, we don't have to consider that.

Second, co without -P is broken, and with -P, we still have the following issue:

cvs co -P apache-1.3   >> checks out apache, and sub-checks-out htdocs from httpd-docs-1.3

cvs co -P apache-1.3   >> looks at apache-1.3/htdocs/, sees it exists in apache-1.3/htdocs/,
                          notes that the files don't match, and DIES!

So, is there any sane reason not to rm -rf /home/cvs/apache-1.3/htdocs right now???

Anyone checking out back to version 1.2 will get a successful checkout, since the htdocs
sub-module has the version history.  And there is no 'version' on the sub-module checkout
schema change.

Without an objection by Thursday, I'll ask root to do so, if I don't succeed myself.

[Before we raise the issue of putting it back in the original tree, drop it.  It is a
seperate argument over the location of the 'one true htdocs', and I'm not concerned with
that argument.  It doesn't affect the issue that this dead htdocs tree doesn't belong in
the repository under apache-1.3 as things stand today.]


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