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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Re: new daedalus build
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 17:57:35 GMT
> I was curious about "(57)Socket is not connected".  After looking
> through the kernel sources it seems that this is a similar error but
> in a later TCP state.  This is returned when SS_ISCONNECTED is off and
> we try to write.  SS_ISCONNECTED gets cleared (for TCP, at least) by
> sodisconnect(), which gets called when we enter FIN_WAIT_2 or
> TIME_WAIT state.  I'm no TCP expert, but I'm pretty confident that
> this is a normal error.
> It is easy to see why we're getting these log messages with the
> current code but not with 2.0.16 which has been running on daedalus
> for a while.  Right after 2.0.16 David Reid moved a ap_log_error()
> call from send_the_file() to the core output filter.  We didn't see
> errors in send_the_file() on daedalus before because FreeBSD will take
> the apr_sendfile() path, bypassing the only 2.0.16 code which would
> log this type of error.

Yeah, before then we were ignoring the error and it hid a nasty bug that
needed fixing.  ISTR you sat beside me at apachecon while I added that one
:)  Thanks for fixing the priortiy.


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