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From "Dario" <>
Subject [PATCH] Making htpasswd read passwd from stdin
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 14:16:28 GMT

This patch to htpasswd.c makes it read the user password from stdin instead
of from the command line or prompting the user for it interactively. This is
useful for applications that need to update a user password noninteractively
and do not want to risk someone seeing the new password in the command line
using a program like ps.

Instead of using the option -b to make htpasswd use the password given at
the command line, you would use -B, and the program would then read up to
512 characters from stdin (using a safe fgets). The program will error out,
though, if the password is longer than 256 characters (the default max).

The patch file (diff'ed against the 1.3.20 version) is available at

Dario Gomes

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