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From Jessie Oberreuter <>
Subject brigade questions (re: mod_isapi)
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 23:43:11 GMT


     I've been working w/ William A. Rowe on some mod_isapi issues;
here's the deal:

     Mod_isapi's WriteClient callback builds a brigade and dumps the data
and an EOS to the request filter on each write.  This proved acceptable so
long as only one write occurs (see mod_cgi).  However, the ISAPI interface
is designed to allow multiple writes.  In the cases of multiple writes,
odd things happened:  The content-length header only reflected the size of
the initial write, and if the browser (IE5.0) sent an "Accept: */*" header
(as it does for a refresh request), only a fraction of the datastream
would be sent.  It was not possible to use keep-alive on the socket.
     I corrected this problem by managing the brigade outside of the ISAPI
funciton: the writes were all buffered and the brigade was passed to the
filter stack when the function returned.
     Although this solution works, Bill expressed concern at having all of
the data buffered before sending.  I agree that transfering the data as it
becomes available is preferable, but I do not know how to achieve this
functionality given the current API, the problems I experienced with
the universal Accept headers, and the fact that I don't know how much data
I'm going to output until I'm done.

Jessie Oberreuter
"He's a bit on edge, Mr. Johnston -- he hasn't slept since 1945."


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