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From Karsten Engelke <>
Subject Re: Complete set of custom error messages?
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 20:27:44 GMT

>>  but then the question is how does a 'french' version of apache use the
>>  french error message for 'unable to include...' 
>>  are you wanting apache to implement some kind of string resource table and
>>  the code actually to grab the string from there instead of it (the english
>>  version) being hard-coded ?

> Well, I think we are not talking about all error messages of Apache,
> but just the ones like a 404 error reply.

If the error messages will be included in the Apache archive, I think
*all* error replies should be covered. If this work will be done, it
should be IMHO as complete as possible.

I would volunteer to gather all kinds of languages but I don't think I
am qualified, because I absolutely have no clue how to do this. =)
But if this is too time consuming for the people already working at
the documentation project, I am willing to put some effort into this.

I started this and being a bit persistent I don't want to give the
impression that I just post some mails and then let someone else do
all the work. =)

mfg, kaeng

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