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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Tagging Apache 2.0 for beta candidate
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 23:47:53 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> WTF? How is that "yucky"?? The user sees two tarballs: apache and
> apache+proxy. What is the big deal?

The two tarballs are a big deal.

When I as end user see "apache" and then "apache+proxy" I go to the
mailing list and I say "why are there two archives? which one must I
use?". Then, I as an end user when I see "apache+proxy" and
"apache+rewrite" I say "where can I find "apache+proxy+rewrite?"

I am an end user - take my word for it - more than one archive sucks

> Not at all. I don't want proxy. Many other people don't. Why is it a waste
> of time for those people?

What about the people who do?

Downloading proxy when you don't need it is way better than not
downloading it when you do. Those that don't need it can simply not turn
it on. --enable-module is your friend. The same goes for any of the
modules in apache.

> The waste of time is trying to get the httpd RM to include proxy into the
> main tarball. The tarball is snapped at an arbitrary point in time, after
> some arbitrary sets of changes. How can the RM know that proxy has been
> updated to work with that particular snapshot? Answer: they can't.

Of course they can. What do you think CVS release tags are for? The RM
simply includes the latest known release, just like you would for any
library out there. What is the difference? 

> Therefore: they shouldn't presume that it is okay for inclusion and release
> against that specific httpd snapshot.

Why on earth should the RM not assume that the STABLE or LATEST branch
of proxy|other module will work with the current release? If it doesn't
the testers will pick it up. Where's the problem?

> The proxy developers are the only people who know when mod_proxy is stable
> for a particular snapshot of the httpd repository. They should be
> responsible for making the snapshot of mod_proxy for a given httpd snapshot.

By tagging the last known working tree with a prearranged tag. Simple.

> Finalize what decision? And who is "they"?

decision: what to do with proxy
they: the RM

> Bill made a snapshot and release of the httpd tree. That was done and in the
> can with a very low overhead on his part. Heck, it is out the door already
> for testing. Bing bam boom.
> Low overhead releases are what we need.

CVS and shell scripts are already used to make this easy. Why should
adding proxy to these scripts be hard?

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