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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Mod Proxy
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 23:03:11 GMT
Cliff Woolley wrote:

> The problem I see with this is that, as Ryan points out, the dependencies
> are backwards for this analogy to work.  httpd depends upon APR and
> APR-util, and therefore httpd developers KNOW when the two of those
> packages work, or at least work "well enough" for httpd's purposes.
> httpd would not even attempt a release without first knowing that APR
> works.  Just saying "CVS's HEAD always works, just check it out" is nice
> and all, but not practical.  The httpd RM has no way to know that the
> proxy HEAD works and should be released.

Obviously - but I'm not suggesting they pull in the HEAD tag, but pull
in a STABLE tag, or the latest known release tag.

If the latest release of APR is v3.7.12, and the latest release of
APR-util is v1.4.2, and the latest release of proxy is v2.5.142, then
the RM pulls those and rolls them into Apache. It's up to the
maintainers of each archive to make sure a known working release is
available. This *doesn't* need to be coordinated - if a module works for
three releases of Apache, there is no point bumping the tag. Just treat
all submodules and libraries as separate projects - it's simple.

> At the same time, I hate the idea of each sub-project having to release
> its own "httpd+foo" tarball.  That sucks for users that require more than
> one of the sub-project modules.

Exactly, and as a webmaster that has to deal with this yucky situation
(apache+mod_ssl+auth_ldap+patches) I also hate this - it's a huge no-no.

> My personal favorite suggestion from the discussion a while back was to
> let the httpd RM release a "bare" version and to have a "rollup" RM get
> the sub-project RM's (proxy, etc) to tag their trees and give +1's for
> those tags to be included in the rollup which is the "full" version
> released at some point after the "bare"  version.

This means that an APR RM, an APR-util RM, a proxy RM, and an HTTP RM
all release a known to work version whenever they have a new version
that is stable. The rollup RM then combines all the above, and throws it
to the testers. If all is OK, it gets put out into the wild...

I don't like the coordination idea - the sub-project should tag their
trees whenever they like. Then the rollup RM can pick up the
latest-stable-release whenever they like. Noone waits for anyone.

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