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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Mod Proxy
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 22:48:29 GMT wrote:

> This is backwards.  Right now, APR and APR-util are still essentially a
> part of the HTTP server.  In reality, those projects are going to start
> doing their own releases.  We haven't solved this problem yet for the web
> server.  Making the proxy work like APR and APR-util just delays the
> problem.

Then let's fix the problem now, or let's put the proxy back into the
tree until the problem is fixed. Proxy is currently dead code until it
gets into a release.

> I do not believe we want to couple the release of one product to
> the release of another.  I know I personally do not want to rely on the
> web server to have a release before APR can have a release.  And, I don't
> want APR's releases to be held back by the server.

I don't honestly see why there is a problem.

If the APR or APR-utils want to make a release, they make a release,
simple. If HTTPd wants to make a release, they pull the latest stable
versions of APR and APR-util and proxy, and they make a release. The
dependancies are a separate issue - and the job of the developers and

All we are doing is pulling the latest known working releases of a bunch
of archives and pull them together into one rollup archive. Whether it
works or not is a job for the developers and testers to determine. If a
component does not work, we simply roll back that component to
last-known-working, or we fix it - simple.

The RM's job is to roll the tarball - not to decide which are the most
stable versions (the archive developers do that) or to determine whether
things work or not (the testers do that), or to determine what
dependancy issues there are (the archive developers do that).

Or am I missing something?

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