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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Rollup such a good idea? (was: Apache rollup tree)
Date Sat, 05 May 2001 11:45:37 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> Instead, you release an httpd. *THEN* the modules ensure they work with
> *that* released version. The modules have a solid, fixed target to shoot
> for. *THEN* you release a rollup.

I am not convinced any more that keeping modules like proxy and rewrite
separate is a good idea.

The main reason is the commit that happened an hour or so ago, fixing
problems with the way readbytes and ap_get_brigade() was implemented.
This fix touches mod_proxy in addition to the other bits that were
changed, but because mod_proxy is currently outside the tree, the fix
was not applied there. It was up to me to notice that fix among reams
and reams of commits, and then separately make the change and commit.
More work, less stability. Yuck.

All the other modules that are separated from Apache are done so for a
good and specific reason:

- APR, APR-util - these modules have application as standalone

- mod_perl - is effectively glue code between perl and Apache, and has
special build requirements.

- mod_jserv / Java - effectively glue code between Java and Apache, has
special build requirements.

- mod_ssl - seperate due to legal issues. These issues are now resolved,
so it's now integrated.

So far the only reason mod_proxy was taken out the tree was because it
had fallen out of date and was causing build problems - both problems
have been fixed.

The proxy code does not work without Apache. It has no special build
requirements, nor does it need any special libraries. The code belongs
to the ASF, as does httpd-core. The module implements a stable feature
set based on a stable spec (RFC1616) and thus could be quite static
without problems. Keeping the module separate has no advantages that I
can see. 

Putting the proxy back in the tree was put to a vote not so long ago,
and there were a whole lot of +1's and some +0's. The only thing holding
up the implementation of this is that people hoped that in the long
thread that ensued that a better idea would emerge for what to do with
modules like proxy and rewrite. I maintain that the best idea is the
original idea - put it back in the tree.

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