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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] First pass at moving util_uri to apr-util...
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 01:50:32 GMT
When moving functions from one place to another (or whole files!), we can't
make any changes during the move. It is practically impossible to see and
review the changes made in transit.

The more ideal way to do this would be to simply "cvs add" util_uri.c as
uri/apr_uti.c. *Then* to apply patches to make all the changes that you
suggest. Similar for util_uri.h -> apr_uri.h.

I believe the first step would be to add those two files to APRUTIL, then
change apr_uri.h to include a #ifdef NOT_READY_YET so the exports processing
doesn't "see" the changes.

That would make the files available for applying patches.

We should be able to move the gen_uri_delims over directly.

How does that sound?


On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 02:33:00AM -0700, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> As discussed before - this is a big patch.  This compiles in my tree,
> but that doesn't mean I've haven't missed something.  I'd guess that 
> mod_dav might be broken with this - I tried to catch everything, but I 
> don't compile mod_dav (Greg?) or, for that matter, most of the modules.
> The core compiles (don't know if it runs correctly...).
> I'd expect this to take a few iterations to get right.  Any help testing 
> this (with all modules) is *GREATLY* appreciated.  I'm tired.  It's 
> 2:30AM here and by the time I wake up and read email again, it's 
> possible someone else can eyeball this or even (gasp!) test it out and 
> confirm that it still builds (or doesn't).
> Basic changes in apr_uri.c:
> 1) Rename from apr_parse_uri_components to apr_uri_parse_components
>    and others along this vein to make all of the functions of the
>    form apr_uri_*.  I dropped the second uri in the parse components 
>    because it seemed too redundant.
> 2) uri_components -> apr_uri_components
> 3) Removed the ap_default_port_for_request function.  No one seems to
>    use it anyway.
> 4) APU_DECLARE added
> Other notes to test this patch:
> - You need to delete the util_uri.h file - exports picks up on this.
> - I've attached each file that needs to be added to apr-util:
>     - apr_uri.h in apr-util/include
>     - apr_uri.c in apr-util/uri
>     - gen_uri_delims.c in apr-util/uri
> - I'd like to remove the apr_uri.h from httpd.h, but that might
>   increase the complexity of this patch even further.  Once this patch
>   is accepted (in some form), then I can focus on removing apr_uri.h 
>   from httpd.h entirely.  I need baby steps (heh) right now.
> - I imagine that this might break a bunch of stuff in Win32 or other OS
>   builds with foreign dependency files.  Any help here is appreciated.
> This is a start...  -- justin

Greg Stein,

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