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From Greg Stein <>
Subject input filtering (was: cvs commit: ....)
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 01:54:01 GMT
On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 07:36:40AM -0700, wrote:
> On Tue, 8 May 2001, Greg Stein wrote:
> > This was premature, Ryan. I don't think you should have done this. My change
> > exposed further problems. It didn't create them.
> It wasn't premature, because what you did broke the code, so that some of
> my stuff didn't work.  And, you did it without specifying any future steps
> to fix it.

Sorry about that... I didn't realize that it had broken any code. I saw it
as a step in the right direction, but didn't realize that the next step(s)
*had* to be done.

> This only works if you finish what you have described.  Had I known what
> you were proposing, I probably would have finished it for you, but I
> didn't.

Well, part of my problem was that had we had a chance to talk about it,
rather than just a revision, then I would have been able to explain. This is
partly why I like to ask the person to back it out themselves. It gives a
chance for all parties to explain what is going on. i.e. presume that a
checkin had good intent, so if it broke something then figure out what the
person was trying to do.

> And, when I commented that your change was incorrect, I waited a
> day or two and didn't hear anything,

Out of town :-)

> so I reverted the code so that it would at least work.

Not sure what the right answer would have been.

> > 1) the indirection on the prototype should go away (which I did)
> > 2) the C-L handling needs to move from ap_get_client_block() down to a
> >    low-level request input filter.
> This is all well and good, but it only works if you explain #2 when
> committing #1, because otherwise nobody knows what your end-design is.

Right. But as I said: I didn't know it would be a problem :-)

Okay... are there any objections with re-applying my patch (1), as long as
(2) is also done? (at the same time)

I need to ponder a bit on the exact form of (2), but I'm thinking this is
the point to merge HTTP_IN and DECHUNK (as we discussed at Hackathon); the
combined filter would also perform task (2).

Note that r->remaining will *disappear*. Modules cannot reliably use it when
chunking is present, so it ought to go. I do see a few bogus uses to clear
up. (the variable would move into a filter context)


Greg Stein,

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