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From Danek Duvall <>
Subject [PATCH] option to remove default listener
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 23:11:42 GMT
When we packaged up Apache for delivery with Solaris, we had a requirement
that it not be run by default at boot-time unless it was explicitly
configured by an administrator.  We did this by moving the configuration
file out of place, and putting a few lines in the boot script to check for
the placement of the config file.

The reason for all this rigmarole was so that if a customer upgraded a
system without Apache to a version of the OS which came with Apache, then
it wouldn't clobber any other web server they might happen to have
installed and configured.

We are considering using Apache to host an IPP server, and this kludge no
longer works the way we'd like.  Essentially, we need a solution whereby
Apache will not listen on port 80 unless it is explicitly configured to do
so.  Since currently it will create a server on port 80 if nothing else is
configured, we need for this behavior to change.

I'm attaching a patch which disables this creation of a default listener by
passing httpd a new config define -- NO_DEFAULT_LISTENER.  With the patch,
unless someone has specified a Port or Listen directive (or otherwise added
a listener), apache will read its configuration files and keel over.

Please consider this for inclusion into Apache 2.0.


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