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From Karsten Engelke <>
Subject Complete set of custom error messages?
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 08:51:52 GMT

A few days ago I posted a question in Usenet and someone there said,
I should post the question here again.

My idea was to include a complete set of custom error messages in
many different languages with Apache. I really think that many
webmasters want to offer their visitors error messages in their native
language (if they have their browser set up correctly of course), but
don't find the time or don't have the ability to create error messages
in languages other than english and their native language.

And so, before someone starts to collect custom messages on their own,
I think it would be the best if the Apache Group with its developers
from all over the world itself would start a little project to get the
HTTP error messaged translated in as many languages as possible and
include a set of those messages with the standard distribution.

I hope this list is the right place to ask for this.

mfg, kaeng

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