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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: mod_headers
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 14:01:31 GMT
>Bill Stoddard wrote:

>> The new mod_header looks pretty good. +1 for commiting it provided we
>> enable Apache to allow modules to insert input filters or we remove the
>> HeaderIn stuff from mod_header.

> The HeaderIn stuff was originally a feature request for mod_proxy, where
> people could modify headers on requests to backend servers. Fiddling
> with headers is the job of mod_headers, which is why that was where the
> modification was made.

> Lack of support for input filters is a bug - down the line there will be
> more applications for input filters that we haven't foreseen yet - I
> vote it be fixed.

> Regards,
> Graham

I believe I understand this now.. :-)

If we want to implement HeadersIn processing as a true filter (which is a
bad idea IMO), then we need to register the filter with the pre_connection
hook. This has serious limitations though. First, a HeadersIn can only live
at server scope (since we have not walked the directory/location tree).
Second, throwing SSL into the picture can complcate things as well.

So now I have a question.  What specifically does mod_proxy need in the way
of HeadersIn processing? It is easy enough to modify r->headers_in at a hook
after the headers have been read in but before any request body (if any)
processing. I suspect the mod_proxy requirement can be met w/o input header


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