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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy in HTTPd
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 01:01:29 GMT
At 2:59 PM -0700 2001/04/24, Greg Stein wrote:
>This is also why I suggested that the httpd releases its stable tree. The
>proxy team verifies their "current" works against that stable release, then
>*they* release an httpd/proxy combo.

	The problem here is that that doesn't scale. If we have 3 
almost-core modules, users get apache, apache+a, apache+b, or 
apache+c -- the combo builds are useless if you want two or three 
add-ons. I will probably just want SSL, but it doesn't seem wise to 
assume that people will only want one such add-on.

>The core httpd team does not have the means necessary to ensure that the
>current proxy is ready for release. As a result, the release can easily be
>shot down due to a problem in the proxy module.
>By detaching them, we can keep the httpd releases moving more smoothly.

	Sure, but let's remember that without much more coordination 
from module maintainers than from the core Apache team, core-plus 
builds are very limited in audience.

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