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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: mod_gzip for v2.0
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 00:24:46 GMT
> > PHP has the equivalent of mod_gzip built in, so at least if mod_php is
> >  last in the filter chain there is no need for mod_gzip.
> >
> >  -Rasmus
> Yes... there is.
> See the mod_gzip forum.
> It's filled with people who have tried to use that aspect of PHP
> and it simply doesn't work.
> It has no 'smarts' whatsoever and more often than not you have
> to edit ALL of your scripts to have any chance of it working
> correctly. Same is true for the Java back ends, for the most part.
> I am not a PHP user myself. I don't know what the issues are.
> I only know that PHP users but the hundreds are simply reporting
> that it doesn't work for them and they are not willing to start
> rewriting scripts to make it work.

It works just fine in the latest snapshots.  There was a juicy bug in PHP
4.0.4 that prevented it from working.  That's just a minor detail though.
By the time Apache2 is anywhere near stable any and all such bugs will be
worked out.


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