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From <>
Subject Re: Tagging 2.0.17 in a few...
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 14:26:42 GMT

> > 2)  You can't roll the tarball and sign it with a key that isn't in the
> > KEYS file before you tag.  You can also move the tag on that file after
> > you commit the changes.  I also believe you should have somebody sign your
> > key before you use it.
> The KEYS file does not need to go into the distribution. Heck, I'd suggest
> that it specifically *NOT* go into the distro.
> Assuming no KEYS file in the distro, then step (2) can be ignored.
> A KEYS file on the public site (whichever of the bazillion redundant copies)
> needs a key, tho.

I seriously disagree.  I thought a lot about this before I posted, because
I was trying to figure out why the site said you needed the KEYS file to
be up-to-date before the tag.  The reason is simple.  If I just downloaded
the 2.0.17 tarball, and I want to get the KEYS file, I am going to go to
CVS, and grab the one with the 2.0.17 tag.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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