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From <>
Subject Re: Need access to apr_sigwait from threaded mpm.
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2001 20:37:56 GMT

> > We had the join logic in the code for a while, and we removed it at some
> > point, although I can't remember why.  Please take a look in the CVS logs.
> > I am a bit busy today, becuase Covalent is moving offices (need more
> > space), so I am having a hard time actually doing work right now.  The
> > easiest way to do this in my mind, though, is to have each thread
> > decrement a counter as it dies.  The core knows how many threads it has,
> > so we know when they have all died.
> This is what the code currently does. worker_thread increments/decrements
> the worker_thread_count variable inside a mutex. The problem seems to be
> the window at the end of the worker_thread after is has decremented and
> released the mutex and before it exits. I am seeing cases where the child_main
> process thinks that worker_thread_count == 0, but threads haven't exited
> yet. If child_main exits, then threads are orphaned. That is the reason
> that some after-thread-exit processing (like a join) needs to happen.

Okay, that makes sense.  Synchronization is a real PITA.  I still want to
understand why the join stuff was removed before we put it back in though.
I believe that logic was in either mpmt_pthread.c a while ago, or it was
from back when Apache 2.0 was called apache-apr.


> I will look through cvs for the deleted join logic. Was it in the signal.c,
> the mpms, or somewhere else (you can say you don't remember - just thought
> I'd ask to save time).
> Thanks.
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