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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject RE: mod_include performance numbers
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2001 05:24:04 GMT
On Sat, 21 Apr 2001, Jeffrey A. Stuart wrote:

> I'd like to amen that... I'm starting to see something here that's concerning
> me.  I think that some of the developers have lost touch with what we as web
> admins need.  We need a server that does following (in order I think.) (and
> all of this of course is IMHO):

Note that part of the issue is that there are a lot more different "we"s
around now than there were a few years ago, and a lot more conflicting 

But, the reality is, that people contributing to Apache control where it
goes.  And it just so happens that we don't have any active committers
(that I can think of just now... am probably missing a few) that are
focused on getting Apache 2.x to a place where it is usable on their own
high traffic, production web servers.  And there is only so much that can
be done to make that happen without people who need it stepping in and
helping out.  I think it would be great to have a job where I was involved
in trying to get Apache 2.x to a state where it could be deployed on my
employer's high traffic site... but the reality is that isn't the way
things are done at most companies any more.

A large percent of current development is done by people employed by
companies that produce Apache based products.  It is great they are
contributing, but it definitely does result in a slightly different
perspective.  I dunno if anything can/should be done.

(easy for me to ramble, as I sit here trying to figure out if I want to
get more involved in Apache again and, if so, how I can deal with finding
a job in Seattle that lets me do so... sigh)

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