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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject state of the bugdb
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 05:47:38 GMT
I think everyone agrees gnats is a PITA and lacks many of the features we
could really really really really really use in a bugs/issue tracking

Right now, most committers ignore it most of the time.  Can't blame 'em,
because it sucks and isn't much use for a lot of things.

Attempts were made to move forward before, but didn't end up going
anywhere.  One of them was the bugzilla debacle.  

Is anyone currently working on doing something about this and, if so, what
is the state of the efforts?

If not, I think I could try to convince myself to drive an effort to
figure out what we need, and how we can obtain it.  There is also the
issue of other projects and what the ASF can do to provide and coordinate
things like this across projects... but right now, it may be easier to
start here.

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