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Subject Re: mod_gzip for v2.0
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 19:25:02 GMT

In a message dated 01-04-23 19:02:47 EDT, you write:

> why does mod_gzip get tested last? why should a 2.0-compatible
>  mod_perl or php necessarily be released before mod_gzip?
>  of course, all sorts of matrix testing will need to be done, but
>  i don't understand what makes mod_gzip special in this regard.

Because that's the way I say it's going to happen.
Experience is a good teacher.

The code is free and publicly available... every drop of it.

If you want the 2.0 version RIGHT NOW, before any other major
2.0 module is available for testing, just add the filtering calls to the
existing code and have at it but do me a favor... be sure
to put YOUR email address on it and remove mine.

Kevin Kiley

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