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From Cynic <>
Subject Re: Server Name
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 10:33:56 GMT
1) your question belongs to, 
new-httpd is for the developers of apache.

2) to answer your question: I assume you use windows. then you 
need to add this hostname to your HOSTS file. if you're on NT, 
it's in %windir%/system32/drivers/etc/, I don't know about w9x,
but look for HOSTS.SAM, copy it to HOSTS in the same dir, and 
edit HOSTS.

At 11:38 5.4. 2001, Arun Shrimali wrote the following:
>Dear friends,
>I want to change my server name from localhost to say, 
>www.arunhome, I had changed the same in conf file but it does not 
>became efective, and client does not able to contect server, can 
>any body help me how to change the host name.
>Arun Shrimali
>Banas Dairy Palanpur
>Ph: 91-2742-53881 to 53885, Ext: 222
>email :
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