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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] mod_proxy in?
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 19:43:24 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:

> I can go with that.  Ship mod_proxy with http server releases but maintain it as a
> seperate project.  I would really not like to see it supported like, say, mod_perl or
> mod_dav in Apache 1.3 (i.e., not bundled with an http server release).

Developing this idea further:

Apache currently has one track of development - one bug in one component
and suddenly the server stability is affected as a whole. Keeping a
"stable" and "development" track will help ease this problem.

The "development" track is represented by separate CVS repositories for
proxy, rewrite, TLS, etc. Each maintainer is empowered to hack and chop
to their heart's content on the code, with peer review as is done now.

The "stable" track consists of the http-x.xx repository we have now.
Once a component is stable, it gets copied to the relevant home in the
main Apache tree. The module is then part of an "official" Apache
release, the documentation is in one place, and the end user just sees
one download: apache-x.x.x.tar.gz or .rpm or whatever. If some bit of
some module is broken on some platform, we ship an older working version
of that module.

People doing development can chop and break till their heart's content
without holding up the release of the rest of the server, and the end
user sees one product with a standard and unified capability set.

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