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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] mod_proxy in?
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 18:18:03 GMT
Greg Stein wrote:

> Same here. I think the separate nature has been quite good for mod_proxy,
> and it could continue very well on its own, with separate release schedules
> and whatnot. It definitely needs to be more prominent, so that people know
> where to go, how to get it, etc, but that is mostly some wordsmithing on web
> pages and stuff.

The proxy benefited mostly by the fact that I had about a month to spare
to dedicate myself to coding on it full time and get the v2.0 upgrade
finished ;)

Now that it has been upgraded, the don't see a lot of development left
to do on it's own - coding from now on is most likely to be involved
with bugfixing. Further capabilities will use the hooks mechanism for
their operation - so the proxy should become pretty stable from now on.
As a stable codebase, there is not really much point in maintaining a
parallel development environment.

> I'd say -0 on integration. Not that it shouldn't be in httpd-2.0, but that I
> believe it could accomplish more by remaining separate.

The multi-protocol-router (AKA reverse proxy) support has been a
significant feature of v1.3, even though from an implementation view the
module itself was quite limiting. To split the proxy permanently means
that officially Apache loses this capability, reducing it to having the
same feature set as IIS and iPlanet Enterprise server - as a webmaster I
don't believe this is not a good thing.

The multi-protocol-support and the multi-protocol-router support are
mirrors of each other. The HTTP module and the HTTP proxy module have a
large overlap of common code - and I would like to see a tighter
integration of these two functions in Apache v2.1+ simply to reduce the
redundancy involved. This means that the proxy should move closer to the
core, not further away from it. Getting the proxy reintegrated is the
first step to this goal. 

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