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From "Paul J. Reder" <>
Subject Re: Apache 2.0.17 tarballs up
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 20:32:17 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:
> Doug reported some shutdown problems right after the tag, so this is probably not a good
> candidate. If you disagree, please VOTE!
> Bill

I saw some cases where the kids were slow to shut down during testing.
What I found was that since the kids are not shutdown directly via 
signal, but indirectly via flag, some of the kids took a little longer
than before. The kids a now allowed to finish their processing. This is
the nature of the fix to avoid the deadlock that occurred when they were
shutdown immediately.

This is why I shifted the point in the switch statement to delay the time
period before Apache complained and SIGTERMed (or SIGKILLed) again.

In my tests, the kids eventually went down. The messages and extra kills
were mostly just an annoyance.

Paul J. Reder
"The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each
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