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From Harrie Hazewinkel <>
Subject [PATCH] mpm_query_2
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 14:27:19 GMT
Hi all,

I have made a new patch for the mpm_query functionality.

1) This patch extends the information that can be retrieved.
2) It also allows to return an MPM_TYPE which is a string.
      This is used to provide some additional information
      about the MPM used. It even could be used by an MPM
      developper to provide an arbitrary human readable 
      string which can be used for management purposes.
      a capability. It now can return 3 values:
                - NOT_SUPPORTED = 0
                - STATIC = 1
                - DYNAMIC = 2
      This mechanism is to enable other module to figure
      out the capabilities for threading and forking.
      If one wants to have the same results as previous
      (which was not more then a true/false) you can
      consider value 0 (not supported) as false and 
      static and dyniamc true.
      There is actually no need to make even a capabilities
      value besides the IS_FORKED and IS_THREADED.

The patch is attached (in unified form and does not rely
on the previous mpm_query).

phone: +39-3474932300
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