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From Greg Ames <>
Subject core dump on daedalus
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2001 15:18:17 GMT
We had a seg fault last night with our new tarball on . 
We've seen this one before:

#0  0x806724c in check_hostalias (r=0x820a03c) at vhost.c:891
891             if (sar->host_port != 0 && port != sar->host_port) {    

Last time I dug thru one of these, I concluded that the vhost data
structures were stomped on by an earlier request, and hoped this symptom
would go away if we fixed the other bugs.  

Unfortunately, it looks like it's time for Plan B, which is write an
assert() trap that verifies that the vhost structures are still good at
the tail end of request processing.  Then we will know which request did
the dastardly deed, and hopefully be able to recreate it by replaying
the input buffers.

If you want to know more gory details, the core dump is in


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