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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject v2.0 and SOCKS?
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 17:40:23 GMT
Hi all,

According to the following (obsolete) mod_proxy docs it is apparently
possible to use Apache and mod_proxy with SOCKS:

	Can I use the Apache proxy module with my SOCKS proxy?

	Yes. Just build Apache with the rule SOCKS4=yes in your 
	Configuration file, and follow the instructions there. 
	SOCKS5 capability can be added in a similar way (there's 
	no SOCKS5 rule yet), so use the EXTRA_LDFLAGS definition,
	or build Apache normally and run it with the runsocks
	wrapper provided with SOCKS5, if your OS supports
	dynamically linked libraries.

Is any of this still true for v2.0? mod_proxy (and Apache) both use APR
- does this allow it to work with SOCKS?

I just need to know what to say here...

-----------------------------------------		"There's a moon
					over Bourbon Street

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