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Subject Re: Feedback about the sgi patches issue. (vol 4)
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 12:13:11 GMT

In a message dated 01-04-23 10:32:56 EDT, you write:

> Three more messages from the larger community posted to new-httpd over
>  the last few weeks.  Ezmlm is configured to divert postings from
>  non-subscribers to the moderator, that's currently me.  I have replied
>  to all of these.
>    - ben
>  ps. I've been out on vacation the last week.


The Linux Mandrake project already incorporates most of
Mr. Michael Abbot's original 'speedup' patches into their copy of
Linux but be forewarned... from the word go they have 'patched the
patches' and are still doing so and these changes were never posted
back to Mr. Abbot or the AAP. Some of what they did was just 
bug fixing for the original patches but they have added even more
optimizations of their own ( and they work ).

Even as recently as last week they 'rewrote' the file handle hot-caching 
to make it more compatible with mod_gzip because they are planning on
shipping mod_gzip with the Server.

I only mention that as an example of what is happening there.
mod_gzip is NOT the issue or the point of this message.

The point is that if you are still considering adding any of the
patches to Apache then you might want to download the
'Apache Advanced Extranet' Server that comes with Linux
Mandrake 7.2 and use THOSE performance patches because
at this point they are actually 'better patches than the original patches'
and AFAIK the AAP project has ABENDED.

Kevin Kiley

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