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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual index.html.html index.html.ja.jis index.html
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:10:04 GMT
On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 07:29:29AM -0400, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> > Options +Multiviews
> > will probably do the trick.  (In reality, you want to set your browser
> > correctly so that index.html.en will be returned.  index.html.html is
> > just there for misconfigured browsers.)
> multiviews doesn't help, at least like this
> <Directory /home/trawick/apacheinst/manual>
>     Options Indexes MultiViews
> </Directory>
> Personally, I'd like to know how to make this work, but I'm wondering
> why a non-trivial exercise is required so that somebody who installs
> Apache can read the manual.  Doesn't it seem wrong that the pages
> don't just work without changing the browser?
> About the browser cfg...  I have netscape set up to prefer En.  What
> else is there to do?

You also need
    AddLanguage en .en
    AddLanguage fr .fr
    AddLanguage de .de
    AddLanguage tw .tw
    AddLanguage ... ...
for all language suffixes you want to use. That is standard stuff.

Also, make sure that the file name specified with DirectoryIndex does
NOT exist (but they should exist with a language suffix). If the file
exists like requested, then apache will simply serve it, and not look
for any alternatives.

* In your test directory, create:

* If you set DirectoryIndex to "index.html" now (and make sure that
  no index.html exists), the server will consider the english and german
  versions as candidates. If you set your language to "fr", you will get
  a [406 Not Acceptable] with both index.html.en and listed
  as candidates. (Adding a symlink index.html.html -> index.html.en will
  "do the right thing" and return the english document as a fallback).

* If you set DirectoryIndex to "index" instead, mod_negotiation will also
  find the taiwanese (plaintext) and french (html) candidates. Reload
  should give you the french version now, assuming "fr" is still set in your

Remember that current browsers have their own cache. After a configuration
change (of the language for instance), they will compare their cached copy
against the server, based on the time stamp. So, depending on the time
stamps of the various copies, chances are that reload wioll NOT get you
the right copy. With Netscape, use shift-Reload to force a new transfer
(with IE, I don't know. Does Ctl-Reload work?).

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