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From Danek Duvall <>
Subject Re: enable-modules=most and enable-shared=max
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2001 22:39:27 GMT
I didn't ask the original question, but I've been trying for the same goal.

It seems that --enable-shared=max simply isn't supported, and that
--enable-mods-shared is the new flag.  And it doesn't take 'max', but
'most' or 'all' like --enable-modules.

However, it seems that the only modules that actually get compiled as
shared modules are the ones which are declared with the 'default' argument
in APACHE_MODULE() set to 'most'.  If it's set to 'yes', then it gets
compiled statically into httpd.

The quick fix would be to enable 'yes' to allow a shared module, but there
will be a few (like mod_so) that can't be shared.  So it's a bit more
complicated than that.

This is both with 2.0.16 and one of today's CVS snapshots.

Has anyone fixed this yet, or should I try for a fix?


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