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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: Web archival of mailing lists
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 01:40:22 GMT
> 	Looks cool. Number-one nit: can you make the backgrounds white?

I'll look into it.  I'm not a UI person.  I only use text browsers.

> 	Also, I think mod_mbox could be immediately useful with 
> forward/backward/thread-listing arrows on every message. This is 
> non-trivial, but otherwise mod_mbox looks great.

Actually, implementation-wise, it is fairly trivial (based on how I
do indexing and stuff), but it is awful speed-wise.  Since the only
way to know the relative messages (via date or threading) is to 
compute the index or threading tree.  Since I don't store the indexing 
information in the DBMs, I compute it on each hit.  I like not computing 
the indexes until it is requested - my gut feeling is it is cheaper to 
compute the indexes than to load it from the DBMs each time, but that 
may not prove to be the case.

That said, I am adding that functionality right now.  When it is done,
I'll post it on  We'll see how it scales...  AFAIK, 
MHonArc and Hypermail generate static HTML pages, so it is easy for them 
just to include the prev/next links (since they know what it is
when they generate the page).  I'm generating almost everything on the

Thanks for the feedback!  -- justin

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