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Subject reverted keepalives changes
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:42:38 GMT
I tried to be complete, but it was hard given the overlaying logging changes
and several bug fixes.  I think I lost the log_connection_status function
in the process, but I don't recall it ever being in mod_log_config.c.
At least I don't have an easy way to get it with my mail coming from
Irvine and my cvs updates in Maui.  Why the hell am I doing this on
my vacation?  Oh, yeah, its because I'm getting annoyed at the amount
of random untested code that is being added to the server, and in another
couple of days it would have been impossible to back it out without
stumbing over more bug fixes.

I sure hope that the change from a case-statement execution of static
logging functions to a hash-table lookup per dynamic invocation of the
same didn't screw us on the performance side.  It is outside of the
normal request criticial path, but I have no idea what it does to our
code locality and cacheability, not to mention what a hash lookup costs.


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