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From Jim Winstead <>
Subject Re: opinions: debian apache package
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2001 18:26:21 GMT
most of the stuff that is added comes from the debian package being
apache+apache-contrib+EAPI. they've recently been pulling some of
the apache-contrib stuff back out into seperate packages.

(oh, and i'm looking at the 1.3.19 package they have. the earlier
stuff may indeed be entirely more bizarre.)

the patches i can see that aren't debian-specific stuff are:

  * mkstemp fix for htdigest/htpasswd
  * 'round robin' support for ab
  * changing regoff_t typedef to int
    -- apparently the current typedef to off_t breaks with
       large filesystem support, or something to that effect.
  * add mod_auth_sys
  * add mod_throttle
  * new features for mod_autoindex

the more debian-specific stuff:

  * disabling the 'initial DSO support check' in apxs
    -- i assume this is done because the debian package
       always includes dso support
  * adding a debian config layout
  * a change for dbmmanage because the debian ps apparently
    doesn't like leading - on its arguments.
  * removing the extensionless application/x-compress and
    application/x-gzip from mime.types
  * change /var/log/phf_log to /var/log/phf.log
  * adding SERVER_SUBVERSION to the Server: header
  * turning a couple of suexec warnings into fatal errors
  * changing /usr/local/bin/perl to /usr/bin/perl

personally, i don't find the situation quite as dire as marc. as
a user of the debian packages, i'm actually quite happy with how
well they fit together (especially bringing in mod_perl and php
and the other modules they have packaged).

and to be clear, i'm not really trying to defend what they're doing,
just clarify what it is that they've done. the maintainer of the
debian apache packages is Johnie Ingram <>, and
i'm sure he'd be open to suggestions on how to make packages that
were more in line with what the apache group wanted to see.

if anyone wants to see specific patches, i can forward them to the
list. but since this is all 1.3 stuff, i assume the interest in
things like new mod_autoindex functionality is pretty low.


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