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From "Victor J. Orlikowski" <>
Subject Re: Config files, main loop, and logging
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 02:30:38 GMT
 > No, the intent of EXEC_ON_READ, is to allow modules to have an immediate
 > impact on how the config file is read.  This is why all of the container
 > directives are EXEC_ON_READ.  I am not saying that LogLevel fits into that
 > category, but lets be accurate about the goal of EXEC_ON_READ.

 > We are likely to always require two passes through the tree.  The first
 > sets everything up, and the second actually starts the server.  I see no
 > good way around that.

EXEC_ON_READ is fine and dandy, but we have a problem.
Namely, what is almost needed is to read in the tree, in its entirety,
without performing any sort of walk initially.

Then, we need some form of dependency heirarchy for directives, or at
least a set of classes defining an order for their handling as the
tree is walked for the first time.

(Hrm. Sounds like a tree in which depth of nodes correlates to order
of load....)

For example, if an admin is debugging mod_so, and wants to have the
logging set up to debug from the very start, we shouldn't hamstring
him; least astonishment says it should just work. Meaning, LogLevel is
among the first directives handled, so that the desired messages come

Or maybe this is over-engineering...

However, Ryan is certainly right; it will require a *minimum* of two
walks through the tree to get everything right.

Victor J. Orlikowski

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