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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Let's remove some modules from Apache 2.0
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2001 19:06:50 GMT
> > It's not replaced.  My personal opinion is that this is a silly module to
> > part of the core server distribution.  It is currently broken on Windows
> > no one maintains it AFAIK. I would like to see it moved out of the core
> > and placed in
> So fix it on Win32.  Actually, it should be _VERY_ easy once it is apr-ized.
> Let's look at what it does...
> 1. transpose upper/lower case typos
>    * This is absolutely required as long as we encourage win32 users to
>      unix systems, with all their case-broken links and the rest.
>    * For this purpose, Win32 isn't even asking for this module.

This is nothing that your handy-dandy perl script can't fix.  This just sounds
like a good excuse for sloppy web admin'ing to me.

> 2. fix up other ugly typos.
>    * This is actually in the spirit of the rfc, "strict in the output,
>      of the input."

Or saying it another way, "garbage-in, garbage-out".

> Remember that URI's are ment to be keyed from other media
>      (magazines, newspapers, napkin notes, etc) and that means there is a
>      in the way of success (EBCAD).

The module would not go away. It will just live somewhere else. Let the folks
who are interested in it maintain it. Given a bit of time, I am sure I could
contrive dozens o silly modules that try to 'do what I mean not what I asked',
which is this modules purpose in life.


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